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Buddy The Sensory Dog
NZ $89.95

Buddy The Sensory Dog

The crinkle Material in Buddy's ears, paw and vest, and his chime and rattle sounds, engage children, encourages purposeful finger movements and assists children in learning the concept of cause and effect.

Buddy Dog can help children learn about their environment through their senses. Buddy enables children to learn through visual, tactile and auditory means that can assist in learning and retaining information.

Use Buddy's high contrasting colors and his oversized eyes to capture a child's attention.

Simple cause and effect learning can be established as children pull on the tail to produce the vibration.

There is no time limit placed on play, allowing a child ample time to process and respond to the received sensory information. This way, Play can happen at a child's own pace without overwhelming a child.

The vibration feature is a strong motivator. It helps children learn that their action causes reaction; can help a child learn through repetitive play; and has a sustained action component that enables children to work hard to pull the tail and gives time to refocus on what was just accomplished.

Pulling on Buddy Dog's tail to feel the same vibration sense each time teaches children about predictability, consistency and comfort in their own environment.

Because Buddy is a one-piece unit with lots of tactile feedback, play can be successful without the risk of losing pieces.

One of the first things children recognize is faces. Buddy's face, with its oversized eyes, will capture a child's attention and many will want to visually and tactilely explore every feature.

Buddy, with all of its manipulative features, can help a child work on coordinated movement - the physical movement of the body paired with cognitive thought.

Vibration is often used to stimulate oral muscles used in speech. Place Buddy next to a child's face or on his lips while the vibration is occurring.

Use the ring on the end of Buddy's tail as an oral stimulator. The vibration feature can also be used to stimulate the vestibular system, which indirectly relates to auditory and language processing.

Children with physical disabilities often have heightened startle reflexes. Buddy is made out of soft fabrics, which will not make a loud, startling sound if dropped. Buddy's crinkle vest can be removed for children who are hyper-sensitive to sound.

Buddy's appendages, especially his ears, give children natural handles to grasp and hold. The ears are especially beneficial for children who are tight-fisted. A caregiver can help the child open their hands and the children can then grasp an ear tightly.

For children who have sensory issues, Buddy has a secret tactile patch under his vest that your child will fall in love with.

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