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I Hear Memories! Volume 1
NZ $65.95

I Hear Memories! Volume 1

On the I Hear Memories! CD, you will find 14 sound scenes (30 seconds to 2 minutes each) and 25 mystery sounds that can be used as a guessing game. The session ideas in the companion book include discussion questions plus prop and music suggestions for the group leader.
The sound scenes in I Hear Memories! Volume 1 include: Trains, In the Kitchen, On the Farm, Inside a Factory, City Traffic, Horse Race, Children's Playground, Water Sounds, Midway at the County Fair, Harbor Sounds, At the Pond, At the Zoo, Thunderstorm, and Baseball Game.
Mystery sounds include: Typewriter, Billiard Balls, Sawing Wood, Fog Horn, Sewing Machine, Coyote, Telephone, Rooster Crow, and 17 more.