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Musical Bingo - Eldersong
NZ $52.00

Musical Bingo - Eldersong

ElderSong Bingo features:
* A compact disk with 20-30-second excerpts of 54 different songs, specially selected to be easily recognized;
* 24 different 8-1/2" x 11" bingo game cards, with 16 large-print song titles on each card;
* Laminated list of the 54 songs on the CD for rapid check-off when a song has been played;
* One dry-erase pen for marking the laminated song list;
* Game instructions and adaptations.

Game is packaged in a snap-handled plastic carrying bag. Does not include bingo markers.

Songs used are taken from the four Sing-Along with ElderSong recordings. The CD can also be used to play "Name That Tune."