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Life Histories Game
NZ $110.00

Life Histories Game

This multi-purpose board game has been designed to aid reminiscing, individuals getting to know each, facilitating the sharing of experiences and for people writing their life histories.
It can be played by 2-8 people, independently or supported by staff. The cards can also be used on their own or as an additional tool to the book 'Writing Life Histories' (see below) to inspire people writing their life stories. Benefits from using it include:
•Helping to preserve memory
•Maintaining a sense of identity
•Integrating the past and present
•Assisting with reminiscing and the life review process
•Promoting a sense of pride that people have done their best in life
•Providing opportunities for socialising and making friends
•Promoting understanding of behaviour and outlook on life
•Sharing life accomplishments that promote respect
•Providing references for conversations with cognitively impaired individuals.
This non-competitive, fun activity will become a well used tool to benefit both residents and staff in day centres, residential homes, hospitals, activity clubs, or people being card for at home and their carers.