Different Abilities Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Communication: What does it mean to me?

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his book is split up into two user friendly contracts for communication, the first is for neurotypical communication partners and the second is for young people on the autism spectrum

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Autism and Asperger Syndrome


Miscommunication and misunderstanding can result from a mismatched style of communicating!

Life can be incredibly frustrating for individuals who cannot effectively communicate their thoughts or needs. This unique, user-friendly "Contract for Communication" features easy-to-follow “agreements” for both young people on the spectrum and the adults in their lives—parents, teachers, therapists—so they can better understand one another!

The Contract for Communication includes five agreements for each communication partner. The first set of agreements is for the neurotypical communication partner and the second set of agreements is for the communication partner with ASD. Each of these two groups of communicators has its own general characteristics, assumptions, and quirks, which is why it is necessary to have a unique set of agreements for each group.

By following Catherine Faherty's straightforward guidelines, and using the provided agreements, both children and adults can keep miscommunication and misunderstandings to a minimum. In addition to being useful for adult-child relationships, this book is also great for just adults: friends, spouses, coworkers, and more!
By Catherine Faherty.


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