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Dyslexia-Friendly Primary School: A Practical Guide for Teachers
NZ $69.90

Dyslexia-Friendly Primary School: A Practical Guide for Teachers

Is your school dyslexia-friendly?

Beginning with a look at understanding dyslexia, this book shows you how to involve the whole school in order to achieve a dyslexia-friendly environment.

You will be able to:
- use an audit tool to discover how dyslexia-friendly your school is
- look at examples of successful dyslexia-friendly initiatives
- find information on funding and resources.

This book offers a step-by-step guide to creating a dyslexia-friendly classroom and whole-school environment.

Headteachers, deputy headteachers, class teachers, SENCOs, student teachers and literacy co-ordinators wanting to make their school more dyslexia-friendly will find this practical book extremely useful.

Table of Contents:
Understanding Dyslexia
The Dyslexia-Friendly Initiative
Funding and Resources
Policies, Principles, Practices and Processes
The Family View
How Dyslexia-Friendly Is My Primary School?
The Way Forward

by Barbara Pavey and G Harper-Jones