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Clutching Fidget Bag
NZ $29.99

Clutching Fidget Bag

The perfect little portable bag to place in a loved one’s hands and offer instant comfort to those with dementia and/or a wide range of sensory-related conditions. Soft, safe, and washable, this clutching fidget bag is designed to keep hands and minds active and engaged while providing the comfort of weight and an affordable, drug-free therapeutic alternative to help relieve the boredom, stress and agitation often associated with dementia and long term care.
Features a multitude of colors and textures that are sure to engage. The soft fleece and chenille material contains plastic pellets which offers a comforting weight. The 3 smooth plastic beads on cords can be moved up and down and multi-colored loops around the edge offer tactile and visual stimulation. Measures 11.4cm square.