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Kiwi  Sound Puppet
NZ $29.99

Kiwi Sound Puppet

Playing with puppets is an excellent way for children with special needs including autism, down syndrome and dyspraxia to practice spontaneous, imaginary, and symbolic play, which can help bring children who think concretely into the world of abstract concepts and ideas.
Playing with puppets can also bring out speech development and help children use what they have learned in a natural environment.
  • Working mouths and hands and fantastic attention to detail
  • Can be used in a puppet theatre, behind the sofa or anywhere else that takes your fancy

Take this iconic bird home with you and make up your own adventures for this Kiwi to go on. This 30cm fluffy puppet is soft and huggable and has a complete body from beak to feet. The large sized body is big enough for both child and adult hands to comfortabley fit, and there is a handle inside that allows puppeteers to turn this curious birds head a full 360 degrees. Press this Kiwi's foot to hear it make the real call of the Kiwi Bird.