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Large Plazma Ball
NZ $35.00

Large Plazma Ball

This large 15.24cm plasma ball will add some excitement to any room! Electrify your next party or add unique lighting to a child’s room.
Both fun and functional, this plasma ball will put on an amazing electricity light show. Place your hand on the surface of the ball and watch as the lightning flashes are drawn to your touch and follow your every move . By sliding the switch to the audio setting, the plasma will respond to all sounds, including music and voice.
Plasma ball sits atop a sleek black base and runs on a/c power (no batteries required).
Fun Facts
The Plasma Ball is powered by a Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil emits a high-frequency, high-voltage electromagnetic field. This energy causes nearby gasses to glow.
The electric arcs are created when the heated up, speeding atoms collide and throw off electrons.
Placing your hand near the glass of the Plasma Ball offers an attractive place for the displace energy to flow.
This is a great sensory experience for those who are fascinated by lights