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Anti-Stress Cube
NZ $17.00
incl GST

Anti-Stress Cube

High quality. All details are made of high-quality vinyl instead  The Cube is covered with rubber oil and is pleasant to touch. Important for stress reliever.
Perfect functionality. All features are working properly. Two clickers are quiet and three are loud. Metal ball turns and clicks. Spin twists smoothly. This was developed as a stress relief toy and brain stress toy, it is one of the best sensory toys for special needs ever.

Suitable for children and adults. Recommended for people with extra energy, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress / anxiety levels. The Anti-Stress Cube promotes a sense of calm, reduces stress / anxiety and increases focus / attention. Among all sensory toys, sensory toys for special needs are of particular importance.
Best gift for a friend. It is a perfect gift for any occasion. Prestigious package and attractive box with detailed colorful manual describing all features of the Anti-Stress Cube. It is best office desk toys for brain development.

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