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Number thumball
NZ $48.95

Number thumball

The Numbers Thumball has unlimited ways of teaching 1 to 1 correspondence, counting, number words, introduction to Addition, Subtraction, or Multiplication. What a great hands-on way to promote learning, playing, and cooperating. This ball is a perfect choice for teachers and parents. Encourage development of basic learning rules such as passing, rolling and taking turns. Create and solve addition, subtraction and multiplication equations. Designed for sensory input, this 6" ball is soft and stuffed. It has 12 panels for responses. These balls received the Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award.

There are so many ways to teach
For players to develop and improve math abilities:
Recognize and identify numerals and number words and one to one correspondence,
Count from 0 to 10 by ones, twos, forwards and backwards.
Spell number words accurately.
Follow multi step directions.
Add, subtract and/or multiply two single digits with increasing speed and accuracy.
Try Numbers Thumball in a different way.
Write the numbers 1 through 10 on a board. Next to each number write the word, direction, question or task you want the player to accomplish. After a round of catch stop and find the number under the players thumb, look at he list and follow that direction. Before you know it you will work through the list and have accomplished goals while having a ball.