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Responsibility Check List - Home
NZ $29.00

Responsibility Check List - Home

Responsibility check lists teach a child independence and accountability. This items allows children to follow a visual schedule independently. The Responsibility Check List for Home contains high quality photo cards of self help skills and every day tasks. Activities are separated into two categories that take place at home. Examples include, I wake up, I go to the toilet, I brush my teeth etc.  As a child performs each each task they will be able to self check they have completed all the steps. This set also helps a child monitor their own behavior. The ring opens, allowing you to remove or rearrange the order of the cards.

What's in this set?

The set contains high quality photo cards of activities and behavior that occur every day. The cards on the ring are separated into convenient categories. The cards are a visual representation of a child's day. The ring can easily be clipped to a key ring, attached to a belt or fit in a pocket book.