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Reflective Colour Burst Buttons
Sensory Colour Burst Buttons-738

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Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety-33-909



Dual Power Timer

Dual Power Timer-89

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Time Timers

New Mod Timers-838

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Sand Timers
6 Set of Timers-244

Sand Timers Midi-15

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Welcome to our website.

Do you care for, or work with someone who has

or is in Aged Care or Early Childhood Care, then there is something here for you
The wide selection of books, toys, educational games, puzzles, children's books, stickers, visual supports, sensory products, Aged Care resources, EarlyChildhood Resources, DVDs etc have been carefully selected  to enhance the unique needs of individuals with special needs.  
Sensory Sox

Sensory Sox-628

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Therapy Dolls

Daisy Doll-331
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Calming Clippers

Calming Clipper-355-733

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Sensory Stonez

Sensory Stonez-6

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Puzzles for people with Dementia

Sheep Dog-257

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Colouring Books for Adults

Millie Marottas Animal Kingdom-410

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Free   freight on 6 or more items within New Zealand
Stock up on Sensory items
for people who suffer from stress and anxiety

Squeeze Desserts
Squeeze Dessert-870

Waterbeads - Dinosuars
Water Beads Dinosaur-828-916

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Chewable Necklaces

Chewable Brick Stick Necklace-346-219
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Rainbow Sphere

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Fidget Spinners
Fidgit Spinner Glow in the Dark-397

Sensory Marble Fidgets

Sensory Marbel Fidgets 1-419
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Chewable Necklaces

Smiley Face Chew Necklance Lime Green-484

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Pencil Grips are a useful tool for young
and old.
Use them on pencils, pens, crochet hooks,or
knitting needles

 The Crossover Grip-529
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Neutron Ball

lNeutron Ball-787

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