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The Memory Box
NZ $110.00

The Memory Box

A multi-use resource.  The Memory Box contains a guidebook and 120 idea cards to facilitate:-
General Reminiscence, produce Memory Diaries and put together resident's Biographies and Life Reviews.
Each card has a coloured header to denote a particular theme.  There are twelve themes as listed below:-
Family Background, Childhood & School Days, Adult Life & Children, Events, Achievements, Places, Good Times & Bad Times, Favourite Things, Love & Romance, Bits & Pieces, People, Working Life.
The Guidebook, written by Robin Dynes, is an essential tool, containing info with a 'how to structure and facilitate reminiscing sessions' guide plus great ideas and examples. A must for every Home.
Consist of: 120 idea cards containing several topics.  1 reminiscing guide.