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Toss ‘n Talk-About® Anti-Bullying Ball
NZ $49.00

Toss ‘n Talk-About® Anti-Bullying Ball

Great tool for classrooms, recreation programs and institutional settings. Features talking points and questions like "Name something you could do to discourage a bully" and "Think of the meanest kid you know. Why do you think he/she is so mean?"

The rules are simple and can be easily modified to fit individual use and/or functioning levels. Players throw the Toss ‘n Talk-About® Anti-Bullying Ball back and forth. When the ball is caught, the player must answer the question directly under his or her right thumb. If the ball is caught so that the player’s thumb is on a blank space, the player simply tosses the ball to the next player. If a player’s thumb is touching more than one category, the player may choose between the questions covered. If the player’s thumb lands on a statement, the player simply reads the quote out loud or the instructor can assign a group activity when this happens
(i.e., shake the person’s hand to your right).