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Gluten-Free Parties and Picnics
NZ $19.50

Gluten-Free Parties and Picnics

A full colour children’s book. Parents and grandparents can read this book to their children to help them understand about the gluten-free issues in their lives. Children who have read this book feel that they are not alone. They realise that there are heaps of other children out there who are happy being gluten-free.

Oh dear, it's Libby's birthday. We can help you:

* How to do a gluten-free party?
* How to cope on a family picnic?
* Teach your child about gluten.
* Make gluten-free fun.
* Tell your friends what to do.

It is packed with great party and picnic ideas. Great for your family and
friends to learn about the gluten-free issues. It makes it easy for your children
to understand about gluten.

Liz Fazakarley is an art director and illustrator. She is also gluten-sensitive and
an expert on gluten-free diets. Liz is writing a series of books to help children learn about gluten. Her stories are fun, educational and beautifully illustrated.