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When the Diagnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis: Help, Hope, and Insights from an Affected Physician
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When the Diagnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis: Help, Hope, and Insights from an Affected Physician

Kym Orsetti Furney was a 34-year-old physician enjoying her exciting career and life with her husband and young daughter when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At first terrified, Furney has rebounded from the shock of diagnosis and -empowered by information, treatment, and support - continues her work as a doctor, teacher, wife, and parent despite the challenges of MS.

Here she offers help and hope to other people coping with a new diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Her valuable insights into this incurable and unpredictable disease help readers understand the physical, emotional, and practical aspects of MS. Reflecting on her own experience after diagnosis, she discusses the many challenges patients face -- from depression and overcoming fear of injection medications, to how and when to tell others that you have MS, to the disease's impact on career and family.

Readers will find in Furney an informed and reassuring partner, a physician who understands the facts while embracing the conviction that people with MS can enjoy a full and rewarding life. In an appendix, she discusses scientific aspects of the disease as well as the side effects of common medications taken by people with MS.

This medically up—to—date and compassionate book offers guidance not only to patients and their families but also to healthcare professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, and physical and occupational therapists.

''Dr. Furney draws on her own experience and medical expertise to show that life can be lived to the fullest with MS. She covers psychological challenges, having children, handling a career, and staying healthy -- all in a readable—over—a—cup—of—coffee kind of way. Unfailingly honest, Dr. Furney shows a very human aspect of the doctor—patient relationship.'' -- Momentum Magazin

by Kym Orsetti Furney Johns Hopkins University Press