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 Sensory Bookmark / Fidget (3 Pack)
NZ $18.90

Sensory Bookmark / Fidget (3 Pack)

ARK’s Sensory Bookmark - a cool tactile hand fidget for home, school, work, or anywhere in between. 
As a “bookmark,” it discreetly fits in with the rest of your desk items without specifically standing out as a sensory tool.  Run your fingertips across 4 different textured sections - small bumps, larger bumps, straight lines, and diagonal lines.  The lines have a more mild feel while the bumps have a more pronounced feel for different levels of tactile input.  
As an added bonus: the bookmarks are soft and flexible - bend them, twist them, roll them, and fidget away!  
Proudly designed and made in the USA by ARK Therapeutic
Each bookmark measures 15cm long and .1.9cmwide
Sold in a pack of 3
Colors may vary
Medical grade, FDA compliant, no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
Although technically safe to chew on, these are too thin and not meant for chewing
Please see our other chewables designed for chewing