Fidgets/Sensory Solutions

Senseez Adaptable Flower style

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Not only are they great for fidgeters, but they also aid those with sleeping issues and anxiety difficulties.

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Fidgets/Sensory Solutions


Not only are they great for fidgeters, but they also aid those with sleeping issues and anxiety difficulties.

The cushion gently vibrates when pressed, whether through hugging, sitting or squeezing, which aids in relaxing and calming.

New Bolster shape (we call it snag!) vibrating pillow. Vibrates when squeezed. This unique model also features a hot/cold pack and a weighted pouch (see image).

The Adaptable series provides three types of soothing:

– pressure through the weight pack. The weight pack is 1.35 kilos (3 pounds).

– hot / cold thanks to the dedicated pack (sourced from the leader Therapearl). Heat with microwave and cool in the Freezer.

– vibration through the standard Senseez vibe unit.

Size: 43cm x 17 cm.

The vibration unit requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Senseez Vibrating Pillow so popular?
People love the sensations! Most people find the vibrations to be soothing for their bodies. And the shapes and styles are fun for everyone!

Is there any research on vibrations being used for calming the body?
Yes. Vibrational therapy has been used for many years in many different forms. Some children require the vibrations to help calm their bodies, while other children just enjoy the way it feels!

How does the Senseez Vibrating pillow work?
Really easy! The pillow works on compression. When it is squeezed or sat on the vibrations begin.

Is there an on/ off switch?
No. It works immediately when compressed, providing instant gratification and calming vibrations. To stop the vibrations simply release the squeeze on the pillow. You can also remove the batteries for travel.

What is the power source?
Senseez requires two AA batteries (not included).

Where can you take the Senseez Vibrating Pillow?
Anywhere! It is recommended for home, schools, libraries, car rides, plane rides, restaurants, and even for haircuts and at the dentist!

Is the pillow only for kids with special needs?
Not at all. The soothing sensations are enjoyed by anyone!

Is it recommended to sleep with the pillow?
The Senseez Vibrating pillow is designed to be most beneficial to the user when it is compressed by sitting or squeezing. It is not recommended for use as a head pillow. But some people like to squeeze it to help fall asleep.

What are the age recommendations?
Senseez Vibrating Pillows are not recommended for children under 3 years of age. There is a wide selection of pillows available for children and teens and adults.

Not suitable for children under 3 years, keep out of their reach.


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