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BeachBalzeez™ Clear Beach Ball
NZ $21.50

BeachBalzeez™ Clear Beach Ball

The most fun beach ball ever! Shake, rattle, roll or hit it and the balls inside create an exciting look and experience. This large 60cm-diameter beach ball features 6 clear main panels, two small white end panels and 3 different colored balls inside! Institutional quality. Great for the pool, volleyball, toss games or a fun way to spice up just about any physical activity. Durable vinyl material is approx. 25% thicker than standard beach balls.

This is brilliant for a fun activity on the rest home

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It's shape makes it ideal for very young babies or people who need support with motor skills

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Giant  Puffer Ball

Giant Puffer Ball

Puffer Balls are large, soft, and squishy with a loop for easy holding and flinging.

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