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Seeing Clearly: Fun Activities for Improving Visual Skills
NZ $32.00

Seeing Clearly: Fun Activities for Improving Visual Skills

For the first time in history, human eyes are being exposed to more unnatural environments than natural ones. Our visual experiences can be overwhelmed by the vast complexity of artificial colors and sounds which did not exist in our ancestors' lives. Is there anything we can do to relieve this increasing stress on our eyes?

Developing healthy visual-motor abilities may be more difficult in today's world than ever before, but there are things we can do to improve our visual skills. Occupational therapists have been teaching these skills to children as part of sensory integration, and they have found that poor visual skills can lead to behavioral problems.

Seeing Clearly not only explains the science behind "behavioral optometry," but provides helpful sensory activities as well. This book:

* Explains the development of vision, with a checklist of warning signs of vision problems
* Discusses of the importance of full sensory integration in the development of optimal visual skills
* Provides practical, playful activities designed to improve visual skills in both adults and children
* Is excellent for use at home, in the clinic, at school, or amid outdoor settings

You and your child or student will see things differently after you read this book!

Author(s): Lois Hickman, Rebecca Hutchins

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