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Emotions Thumball
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Emotions Thumball

This ball is so much fun. A playful approach to expressing feelings. Have fun making faces expressing different emotions. Define emotions, act them out and relate the feeling to a movie or book character which exemplifies it. Used in Speech, OT and PT, these therapy balls are so much fun. Toss the ball! Roll the ball! Catch the ball! Now look under your thumb and respond to the word. Designed for sensory input, this 4" ball is soft and stuffed. It has 32 panels for responses. The category thumball includes emotions such as brave, shy, silly happy and much more. These balls received the Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award.

There are so many ways to teach
For players to improve emotional intelligence for knowledge/usage of feelings. Recognize different words and facial expressions on Thumball.
Imitate facial expressions and identify corresponding life situations associated with them.
Identify different reasons for feelings of wellness (thoughtfulness, kindness, optimism)
Identify different reasons for feeling unwell (lonely, hurt, embarrassed, worried)
Expand expressive language for explaining feeling and generating ways to improve or change emotional states.
Act out each word through body language and facial expressions, which convey emotion.