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Making the System Work for Your Child with ADHD

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Readers learn the 'whats,' 'whys,' and 'how-tos' of making the system work - getting their money's worth from the healthcare system, cutting through red tape at school, and making the most of fleeting time with doctors and therapists.

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Peter S. Jensen, MD, Center for the Advancement of Children's Mental Health - Putting Science to Work, and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Even for parents who 'do everything right,' the road to successful management of ADHD is seldom smooth. Now leading child psychiatrist Dr. Peter Jensen guides parents over the rough patches and around the hairpin curves in this empowering, highly informative book. Readers learn the 'whats,' 'whys,' and 'how-tos' of making the system work - getting their money's worth from the healthcare system, cutting through red tape at school, and making the most of fleeting time with doctors and therapists. Dr. Jensen interweaves the combined wisdom of over 80 parents with his own insights as an expert practitioner and the father of a child with ADHD. Packed with planning tips, resources, moral support, and problem-solving strategies that get results, this is a book that savvy parents will turn to again and again. KEY FEATURES * Jensen's credentials are outstanding: high profile will boost sales. * Uniquely practical: no other resource brings together tips and ideas to deal with all areas, from schools to doctors to insurance companies and more. * Problems hit parents from every direction and continue year after year: this resource will be turned to as new challenges arise. * 'If at first you don't succeed': a variety of ideas are given so parents can find something that works for their unique situation. * Interweaves the collective wisdom of over 80 parents of kids with ADHD - including the author himself. AUDIENCE: Parents seeking support, advice and techniques to manage ongoing challenges of their child's care: also of critical interest to educators, teachers, school psychologists, and health care professionals. Peter S. Jensen, MD, is Director of the Center for the Advancement of Children's Mental Health - Putting Science to Work and Ruane Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Previously, he was Associate Director of Child and Adolescent Research at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), where he was the lead NIMH investigator on a major study of the treatment of ADHD. Dr. Jensen is the author or editor of numerous scientific articles and books: has received prestigious national awards for his research, writing, and teaching: and serves on the board of directors of Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD), among other organizations. CONTENTS: Preface I. TAKING CHARGE OF GETTING HELP FOR YOUR CHILD 1. Nowhere to Turn?: Why It's So Hard to Get the Help Your Child Deserves and What You Can Do About It 2. Principles of Action for the Expert Parent 3. Developing a Plan for Your Child: How to Use Your Knowledge of Yourself and Your Child to Get the Best Care Available 4. What You Need to Get Started: Essential Tools and Resources for the Expert Parent II. WHAT TO EXPECT AND HOW TO GET WHAT YOUR CHILD NEEDS 5. Getting the Best from the Healthcare System 6. Getting the Best from Your Child's Education 7. Getting the Best Out of Your Home and Family Life 8. Getting the Best from All the Rest 9. Looking Ahead Appendix A. Parent/Advocacy Organizations and Resources You Need to Know About Appendix B. Funding- and Insurance-Related Resources You Need to Know About Appendix C. Legal/Advocacy Resources You Need to Know About Appendix D. Useful Books Appendix E. Using Behavioral Strategies to Help CRITICAL ACCLAIM 'Dr. Jensen is one of the smartest and wisest child psychiatrists around. In this groundbreaking book, he gives parents his authoritative knowledge in a form they can easily use and reliably turn to. This book guides you through the wilderness of looking for help, and will bring you to the help you may have been seeking for years. This book is a masterpiece, and best of all, it is practical, useful, and unpretentious.'--- Edward Hallowell, MD, coauthor of Driven to Distraction 'This must-read book acknowledges that 'ADHD is not a sprint: it's a marathon.' Comprehensive and clear, it outlines a sane and safe approach to tackling all the tough issues you face as a parent: making medication decisions, safeguarding your child's educational rights, and much more. You'll especially enjoy Dr. Jensen's real-life anecdotes, particularly those about coping with his own son's ADHD.' --- Ellen Kingsley, Editor-in-Chief, ADDitude Magazine 'This is an exceptional book on a sadly overlooked topic that cries out for serious attention. Thank you, Dr. Jensen, for so richly filling this void for parents of children with ADHD. Few could rival Dr. Jensen's qualifications - as clinical professional, government insider, and sensitive parent - for writing this highly informative book that guides parents through the byzantine process of obtaining professional assistance for their child through the health care, educational, and community systems. Parents, take note: there is simply no comparable book on this topic, and none so useful. I only wish I had written it.' --- Russell A. Barkley, PhD, author of 'Taking Charge of ADHD', Department of Psychiatry, Medical University of South Carolina 'A practical, helpful, and easy-to-understand book that informs parents and helps them take charge of their child's care. Many excellent strategies are provided to enhance parents' effectiveness as decision makers and advocates.' --- Patricia H. Latham, JD, coauthor of Attention Deficit Disorder and the Law


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